Here are some commands, you can use in our [ESC]RaceServers:

Switch Ranking Table
toggle on/off the ranking table
Radio Player
listen to the live stream of alphAXRadio
stop listen to the music type: /stopmusic
[ESC]High D
VoteNext V0.1
bored of waiting till race ends? type /votenext to vote for next race!
adapted from cjllai's Votekick by [ESC]Soda+
VoteKick V0.1
/votekick [id]
want to get rid of cheaters? type /votekick [id] to kick them!
/pm [id] [txt]
Sending a private message to a player
Vehicle Repair
If you have enough money, you can fix your damged vehicle
Money Transfer
/give [value] [playerid]
Give some other player money
[ESC]High D
Information Table
Get Info about the course
[ESC]High D
Lights On
Set the daylight at 12:00
[ESC]High D
Courses List
Shows the complett playlist of the server
Change players chat color
/color [value]
Change your color in chat and save it. Colornumbers: 1 - 100
Switch Checkpoints
switch the checkpoints to old fashioned style
[ESC]High D
Switch Checkpoints
switch the checkpoints to new style
[ESC]High D
+++please play fair!

+++ no cheats +++
+++ no speedhacks +++
+++ no kills +++

please play fair!
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